The following General Conditions regulate each stay at the Pozzo di Mezzo b & b and are considered to be known and fully accepted by the Guest at the time of booking.

Pozzo di Mezzo b & b cancellation penalty

For cancellation made up to 31 days before the date of arrival, no additional fee will be charged.

For cancellation within 30 to 20 days prior to arrival, 30% of the total booking will be charged.

For cancellation within 19 to 10 days prior to arrival, 70% of the total booking will be charged.

For cancellation within 9 days prior to arrival, 100% of the total booking will be charged.

The Guest, to cancel the reservation, must send a communication by e-mail to .

In case of early departure of the Guest with respect to the day scheduled for check out, and in case of no-show on the day of check in, the Guest will be obliged to pay the full amount for the booked service and the reservation will be automatically canceled.

Pozzo di mezzo b & b will be entitled to charge this amount, with no possibility of objection from the Guest, who expressly authorizes the payment, to the credit card provided.

Court of Bologna and applicable law

For any dispute the Court of Bologna has exclusive jurisdiction and only Italian law is applicable.

Parking area

Pozzo di Mezzo b&b is not responsible for items left unattended in cars or for any damage that may be incurred to said vehicles.

The Taxation of the stay in the Municipality of Bologna 

Whomever stays in hotels or b & b in Bologna and is not resident in the Municipality, will have to pay a small contribution for the stay which varies depending on the following price ranges related to the cost per person of the room.


· Price Range 1-30.99 €, rate 3.00 € per person per night;

· Price Range 31 -70.99 €, rate 4.20 € per person per night;
· Price Range 71-120.99 €, rate 4.60 € per person per night;
· Price Range over 121 €, rate 5.00 € per person per night;

Children under 14 and residents in the Municipality of Bologna are exempt from paying the tax.

The City of Bologna, in compliance with the legislative indications, will allocate the income from said tax to projects aimed at the national and international promotion of “Bologna”.

Upon departure, guests of the accommodation must pay the tax to the manager who is then required to report and pay the collection to the Municipality.

If the guest refuses to pay the tourist tax, the manager of the property is required to have the guest sign the “Tax payment refusal form – guest“.

Important exemptions for those who go to Bologna for medical treatment:


(changes to article 2)

  1. In Article 2, after paragraph 3, the new paragraph 4 is added:

“4. As of 01/04/2015 they are exempt from tax – limited to overnight stays during the period of admission in the hypothesis a), or in that of therapy in the hypothesis b) – the residents who:

  1. a) assist inpatients admitted to health facilities in the area, even under day surgery (day surgery / day service), for a maximum of 1 companion per patient. Both parents who assist the child in day surgery (day surgery) or hospitalisation if under the age of 14 are exempt;
  2. b) perform hospital care in the day surgery / day service; the exemption referred to in points a) and b) is subject to the presentation of appropriate certification from the health authority certifying the patient’s personal details and the reference period of the healthcare or hospitalisation. “


(changes to article 4)

  1. To article 4 after paragraph 2 the new paragraph 2a is added:

“2a. The exemption referred to in Article 2 paragraph 4 letter a) and b) is applied exclusively on the basis of the health certification referred to in the same paragraph 4, which the guest is required to present to the Municipality through the hotel/guesthouse.